The 2021st year of the Common Era

2021 (August) Installation Night of WBro Mark Lewis

The 2019th year of the Common Era

2019 (June) Lodge Meeting (The Other Degrees and Orders in Freemasonry)

2019 (May) Installation Night of WBro Ronen Jachimowicz (Part 1)

2019 (May) Installation Night of WBro Ronen Jachimowicz (Part 2)

2019 (April) – Masters Last Night (WBro Yossi Harel)

2019 (April) – Lodge of Instruction Dinner ( Master Elect Bro Jonen Jachimowicz)

2019 (April) – Hearts of Oak Official Visit (2nd Degree of Bro Dominic Serritiello)

2019 (March) – Past Master’s Night

2019 (February) – Double Third Degree Bro Mark Riley and Bro Stephen Hall

2019 (January) – Annual Pizza Night

The 2018th year of the Common Era

2018 (November) – Double First Degree Bro Americo Serritiello and Bro Stefan Clanetaru

2018 (November) – Lodge Fraternal 603 Fishing Expedition Social Day

2018 (October) – Official Visit of The Mordialloc Lodge of Charity No. 258

2018 (September) – 2nd Degree Bro James Riley

2018 (31st August) – The Alfred Father’s Day Appeal

2018 (August) – Lecture on 2nd Degree Tracing Board & Working Tools

2018 (July) – 2nd Degree of Bro Bradley Klein and Bro Rohan Ajzensztat

2018 (June) – Annual Lecture Night

2018 (May) Installation Night of WBro Yossi Harel

2018 (April) – Masters Last Night (Bro Ashley Melnacis)

2018 (April) – Lodge of Instruction Dinner (Bro Yossi Harel)

2018 (March) – Double 2nd Degree of Bro Mark Riley and Bro Stephen Hall (Our first Lodge meeting at Bayside Masonic Centre)

2018 (February) – 1st Degree of Bro James Riley

2018 (January) – Annual Pizza and Wine Night

The 2017th year of the Common Era

2017 (November) – The Last Hooray at Brighton Masonic Hall

2017 (November) – Ladies in The South at Milanos Tavern

2017 (October) – Double 3rd Degree of Bro Mason Kabalan and Bro John Raptis

2017 (October) – Official Visit to Hearts of Oak Lodge No. 681 & 3rd Degree of Bro Alex Rocha

2017 (September) – Double 1st Degree (Bro Bradley Klein and Bro Rohan Ajzensztat)

2017 (August) – 1st Degree Tracing Board by Bro Jason Quick

2017 (July) – Double 1st Degree (Bro Mark Riley and Bro Stephen Hall)

2017 (June) – “Shine a Light on Men’s Health” Presentation and Annual Lecture Night

2017 (May) – Installation (Bro Ashley Melnacis) and Celebration of Lodge Fraternal’s 70th Year

2017 (April) – Master’s Last Night (Bro Jerome Oppedisano)

2017 (April) Lodge of Instruction Dinner and Presentation to Bro Ashley Melnacis

2017 (March) – Triple 2nd Degree (Bro Mason Kabalan, Bro John Raptis and Bro Alex Rocha)

2017 (February) – Double 3rd Degree (Bro Raymond Ng and Bro Rakesh Kumar)

2017 (February) – 60 Year Jewel Presentation to RWBro Keith Steinhardt PJGW

2017 (January) – Pizza Night and Martial Arts Demonstration Night

The 2016th year of the Common Era

2016 (November) – Ladies in The South

2016 (October) – 1st Degree (Bro Alex Rocha)

2016 (September) – Double 1st Degree (Bro Mason Kabalan and Bro John Raptis)

2016 (August) – 2nd Degree TB

2016 (July) – Double 2nd Degree (Bro Rakesh Kumar and Bro Raymond Ng)

2016 (June) – L.Cohen Years and Annual Lecture Night

2016 (May) – Installation (Bro Jerome Oppedisano)

2016 (April) – Masters Last Night)

2016 (April) – LOI Dinner

2016 (March) – 3rd Degree (Bro Meir Kluwgant)

2016 (February) – Double 1st Degree (Bro Raymond Ng and Bro Rakesh Kumar)

2016 (January) – Pizza Night

The 2015th year of the Common Era

2015 (November) – 3rd Degree (Bro Victor Luci-Sorrentino)

2015 (October) – Meeting (Lecture)

2015 (September) – 3rd Degree (Bro Immanuel Shmuel)

2015 (August) – 2nd Degree (Bro Meir Kluwgant) & 50 Year (WBro Jewel Copley)

2015 (July) – Lodge Meeting (Combined)

2015 (June) – Memorial Lecture

2015 (May) – Installation (Bro George David)

2015 (April) – Master’s Last Night

2015 (April) – LOI Dinner

2015 (March) – 2nd Degree (Bro Victor Luci-Sorrentino)

2015 (February) – 3rd Degree (Bro Eddie Kaul)

2015 (January) – Pizza Night