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Open Installation of Bro Ronen Jachimowicz

Past Sucessful Events

Annual Lodge of Instruction Dinner and Presentation to Bro Ronen Jachimowicz, Master Elect

Installation of Bro Yossi Harel (Master Elect) – 23 May 2018

Annual Lodge of Instruction Dinner and presentation to Bro Yossi Harel, Master Elect

2018 (March) – Double Second Degree for Bro Mark Riley and Bro Stephen Hall

Private Viewing and Afternoon Tea at the NEW Bayside Masonic Centre

First Film Afternoon for 2018

2018 (February) – 1st Degree of Bro James Riley

2018 (January) – Annual Pizza and Wine Night

The Last Hooray of Our Stay at Brighton Masonic Hall – 22nd November 2017

Ladies in The South Dinner Dance & Lodge Fraternal’s 70th Year – 18th November 2017

Lodge Meeting – 25th October 2017 – Double Third Degree for Bro Mason Kabalan and Bro John Raptis

Lodge Fraternal’s Official Visit & Bro Alex Rocha’s 3rd Degree – 12 October 2017

Lodge Meeting – 27th September 2017 – Double First Degree

Lodge Meeting – 23rd August 2017 – First Degree Tracing Board Lecture By Bro Jason Quick MM

A Special Shabbat Service at Temple Beth Israel to Honour Freemasonry on Saturday 22 July 2017

Lodge Meeting – 26th July 2017 – Double First Degree

Installation of Bro. Ashley Melnacis, Master Elect, and Celebration of Lodge Fraternal’s 70th Year – 27th May 2017

Annual Lodge of Instruction Dinner and Presentation to Bro. Ashley Melnacis, Master Elect – 6th April 2017

Lodge Meeting – 22nd March 2017 (Triple Second Degree)

Grand Installation – Freemasons Victoria

Lodge Meeting – 22nd February 2017 (Double Third Degree)