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The 2019th year of the Common Era

2019 (April) – Masters Last Night (WBro Yossi Harel)

2019 (April) – Lodge of Instruction Dinner ( Master Elect Bro Jonen Jachimowicz)

2019 (April) – Hearts of Oak Official Visit (2nd Degree of Bro Dominic Serritiello)

2019 (March) – Past Master’s Night

2019 (February) – Double Third Degree Bro Mark Riley and Bro Stephen Hall

2019 (January) – Annual Pizza Night

The 2018th year of the Common Era

2018 (November) – Double First Degree Bro Americo Serritiello and Bro Stefan Clanetaru

2018 (November) – Lodge Fraternal 603 Fishing Expedition Social Day

2018 (October) – Official Visit of The Mordialloc Lodge of Charity No. 258

2018 (September) – 2nd Degree Bro James Riley

2018 (31st August) – The Alfred Father’s Day Appeal

2018 (August) – Lecture on 2nd Degree Tracing Board & Working Tools

2018 (July) – 2nd Degree of Bro Bradley Klein and Bro Rohan Ajzensztat

2018 (June) – Annual Lecture Night

2018 (May) Installation Night of WBro Yossi Harel

2018 (April) – Masters Last Night (Bro Ashley Melnacis)

2018 (April) – Lodge of Instruction Dinner (Bro Yossi Harel)

2018 (March) – Double 2nd Degree of Bro Mark Riley and Bro Stephen Hall (Our first Lodge meeting at Bayside Masonic Centre)

2018 (February) – 1st Degree of Bro James Riley

2018 (January) – Annual Pizza and Wine Night

The 2017th year of the Common Era

2017 (November) – The Last Hooray at Brighton Masonic Hall

2017 (November) – Ladies in The South at Milanos Tavern

2017 (October) – Double 3rd Degree of Bro Mason Kabalan and Bro John Raptis

2017 (October) – Official Visit to Hearts of Oak Lodge No. 681 & 3rd Degree of Bro Alex Rocha

2017 (September) – Double 1st Degree (Bro Bradley Klein and Bro Rohan Ajzensztat)

2017 (August) – 1st Degree Tracing Board by Bro Jason Quick

2017 (July) – Double 1st Degree (Bro Mark Riley and Bro Stephen Hall)

2017 (June) – “Shine a Light on Men’s Health” Presentation and Annual Lecture Night

2017 (May) – Installation (Bro Ashley Melnacis) and Celebration of Lodge Fraternal’s 70th Year

2017 (April) – Master’s Last Night (Bro Jerome Oppedisano)

2017 (April) Lodge of Instruction Dinner and Presentation to Bro Ashley Melnacis

2017 (March) – Triple 2nd Degree (Bro Mason Kabalan, Bro John Raptis and Bro Alex Rocha)

2017 (February) – Double 3rd Degree (Bro Raymond Ng and Bro Rakesh Kumar)

2017 (February) – 60 Year Jewel Presentation to RWBro Keith Steinhardt PJGW

2017 (January) – Pizza Night and Martial Arts Demonstration Night

The 2016th year of the Common Era

2016 (November) – Ladies in The South

2016 (October) – 1st Degree (Bro Alex Rocha)

2016 (September) – Double 1st Degree (Bro Mason Kabalan and Bro John Raptis)

2016 (August) – 2nd Degree TB

2016 (July) – Double 2nd Degree (Bro Rakesh Kumar and Bro Raymond Ng)

2016 (June) – L.Cohen Years and Annual Lecture Night

2016 (May) – Installation (Bro Jerome Oppedisano)

2016 (April) – Masters Last Night)

2016 (April) – LOI Dinner

2016 (March) – 3rd Degree (Bro Meir Kluwgant)

2016 (February) – Double 1st Degree (Bro Raymond Ng and Bro Rakesh Kumar)

2016 (January) – Pizza Night

The 2015th year of the Common Era

2015 (November) – 3rd Degree (Bro Victor Luci-Sorrentino)

2015 (October) – Meeting (Lecture)

2015 (September) – 3rd Degree (Bro Immanuel Shmuel)

2015 (August) – 2nd Degree (Bro Meir Kluwgant) & 50 Year (WBro Jewel Copley)

2015 (July) – Lodge Meeting (Combined)

2015 (June) – Memorial Lecture

2015 (May) – Installation (Bro George David)

2015 (April) – Master’s Last Night

2015 (April) – LOI Dinner

2015 (March) – 2nd Degree (Bro Victor Luci-Sorrentino)

2015 (February) – 3rd Degree (Bro Eddie Kaul)

2015 (January) – Pizza Night